Better Communication = Enhanced relationships

Better Communication = Enhanced relationships

How we express and communicate goes very far and has many ramifications for our connections with others. There are conscious and unconscious levels of how we converse and interact; the more aware we are of how we comport, the better our relationships.

Every encounter with another person has weight and significance, no matter how mundane and prosaic the meeting may be. Myriad subtle energetic exchanges lie beneath our interpersonal interactions, predisposing individuals to be either positive, negative, or indifferent to each other.

Marriages, partnerships, and friendships collect their momentum in daily interfaces. Our interlocutor's limbic system subconsciously records how we communicate in our relationships, literally minute to minute. They leave our conversations feeling either more or less safe or unsafe.

Intrinsically, each interaction builds on or chips away at the intersubjective matrix individuals share. Put more simply, individuals' interpretations of shared experiences, memories, and feelings about their relationships constantly change based on their interactions.

Are you aware of the paralinguistics of your communication? Which is your body language, facial expressions, tone, pitch, volume, and gestures when speaking and their impact on your listener?

Reflecting on how one communicates is essential for healthy relationships, as how we speak and are heard by others will have emotional and relational costs. In Freudian terms, evaluating oneself as an uncensored Id, an emotionally mature ego, or a self-righteous, sanctimonious superego in one’s communications is important to understand how our narrative impacts others.

In my holistic online therapy and counselling practice, I work with clients to enhance how they express their feelings and emotions to avoid disharmony in any intimate, familial, or professional situation. My clients learn to understand the energetics and dynamics of any situation before communicating. It's vital to act intelligently in life, and how we share our feelings is a significant area in our personal lives where we need to be psychologically skilled, as it can help us avoid conflict, promote collaboration and increase feelings of well- being in our encounters with others.