Understanding Your Vagal Tone

11 Jul, 2023

The Vagus nerve provides a bidirectional pathway connecting the gut-brain axis and is a powerful reiteration of how the bodymind is an integrated system.

Better Communication = Enhanced relationships

23 May, 2023

There are conscious and unconscious levels of how we converse and interact; the more aware we are of how we comport, the better our relationships.

Somatic Psychotherapy

09 Sep, 2019

Therapeutic interventions for anxiety, depression, anger management, mood disorders and the whole gamut of DSM 5 disorders, in essence, should be  multifaceted.  Since the human being is a complex process, psychotherapy is enjoined upon a deep inquiry into our fight and flight responses, our childhood history, our subconscious minds, our lifestyles, our diets, our social relationships,  our dreams, our movement patterns  and our energy levels. In short, to work with anxiety and depression or any DSM 5 disorder effectively, the therapist should take a holistic approach  that engages the subtle and gross aspects of the self.  So where would one start in this jungle?

Refinning mental health

13 Feb, 2019

Mental Health today is a very expansive concept and there are a plethora of ways to work with the mind ranging from psychotherapy to mantra meditation to herbs to mindfulness ,pranayama and yoga to exercise to nutrition to hypnosis to entheogens to reiki  to quantum healing  to dance therapy to sound therapy etc etc etc…. the list goes on.

Managing Intense Emotions with DBT

06 Nov, 2018

Sometimes life feels very difficult, almost unbearable and we are left desolate and helpless. Dealing with the intensity of one’s emotions can be challenging and this might lead one to take extreme measures by over consuming alcohol and drugs, having a lot of...

Drives, archetypes and sub personalities

22 Nov, 2017

As human beings seeking a therapeutic process we often believe that our cognitions and behaviours or the way we think and act in the world is what has been causing us disquiet. However, this is only part of the story – we are, unbeknownst, to us, informed by subtler subconscious processes that...

Psychotherapy and Counselling

07 Nov, 2017

I am often asked about the difference between psychotherapy and counselling. While these words are used interchangeably, there is a difference between them and it is vital to be cognizant of the distinction.

Working with Depression in the Body

26 Aug, 2017

Part of being human is to experience difficult emotions such as sadness, depression, anxiety, frustration, disappointment etc. Yet these emotions do not make us feel “good” and so we have an unconscious tendency of not wanting to feel whatever we are feeling...


29 Dec, 2014

Our lives are colored by numerous textures of feeling ranging from deep joy to being down in the dumps with many shades of grey in between. It is but natural to feel sad at the death of a loved one, or to be melancholic to be leaving a familiar place or to be upset when we have disagreements with people or get laid off from work...

Self Esteem in Romantic Relationships

23 Nov, 2014

Often we think that relationships, especially, personal, intimate and romantic one’s, would nurture and nourish us and in turn boost our self-confidence. However, sometimes, this is not the case, if we have inadvertently spiraled off into a destructive or passionless or simply dead and boring relationship quagmire...